The dangers of whiplash

The dangers of whiplash

The dangers of whiplash 150 150 Panter, Panter & Sampedro

Florida individuals who have suffered whiplash may have a variety of symptoms from the mild to the severe. Whiplash may refer to a number of different types of injuries caused by the neck snapping backward and then forwards. It may result in torn ligaments, strained muscles and tendons, or even fractured or dislocated vertebrae.

A person with whiplash might suffer stiffness and pain and might have trouble turning their head. Other symptoms might include nausea, headaches, dizziness, vertigo and difficulty concentrating among others. While symptoms generally resolve after a short time, in some cases, an individual may suffer from whiplash symptoms for months or years. Whiplash symptoms may also take a few days to appear.

There is a number of treatments for whiplash depending on the severity of the injury. Exercise and physical therapy may be helpful. In severe cases, surgery might be necessary. It may be possible to reduce the likelihood of whiplash in vehicles by wearing seat belts and ensuring that headrests are at the proper height.

If personal injury like whiplash occurs as a result of the negligence or deliberate actions of another person, the injured individual may wish to file a lawsuit. For example, an individual might be in a car accident that results in whiplash. The driver of the other car may be responsible, but criminal charges may not be filed against that driver. Depending on the circumstances, the driver might not even be ticketed. However, if it can be demonstrated in a civil court that the driver was negligent, a lawsuit might be successful. For example, if the other driver was driving too fast for snowy road conditions, that might be considered negligent behavior. The compensation from a successful lawsuit might cover some expenses.

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