Case of wrongful death in Florida

Case of wrongful death in Florida

Case of wrongful death in Florida 150 150 Panter, Panter & Sampedro

A wrongful death lawsuit was filed by parents in Florida on behalf of their son who was killed in a construction accident. The 18-year-old man was working for the company helping to remove panels from a temporary bridge that had been constructed. The panels were improperly braced, and when the last bolt was removed, three of the panels weighing over 1500 pounds fell on top of the man and killed him.

The lawsuit was filed against three employees the man worked with, the company he worked for, and the Florida Department of Transportation. The parents alleged in the lawsuit that their son had been hired without experience and was improperly trained for the job. They also said he had not been required to attend safety meetings prior to the construction site accident and was not made aware of the hazards involved.

The panels were supposed to have been bound with a safety chain, but the chain was found to be lying nearby, evidently unattached. Government officials had previously issued safety citations against the company for not properly securing the panels.

Death benefits are available to certain family members as a part of workers’ compensation. Death benefits ordinarily provide money for the employee’s burial and compensation to dependent family members for lost income. Since workers’ compensation benefits are capped, an alternative lawsuit may yield better results for a family if gross negligence is believed to be responsible for their loved one’s death. A wrongful death attorney might be able to closely review a case to determine how to best proceed.

Source: Better Roads, ‘Parents file $10M lawsuit against construction company over son’s death,” Brian Ethridge, Jan. 14, 2015

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