What coverage is available for a construction worker’s injury?

What coverage is available for a construction worker’s injury?

What coverage is available for a construction worker’s injury? 150 150 Panter, Panter & Sampedro

Florida construction workers are usually covered under workers’ compensation when they suffer on-the-job injuries. The severity of an injury and the impact on an employee’s ability to work are factors that are considered as benefits are sought. Medical care is one of the most important workers’ compensation benefits available, and it is important to seek treatment promptly in an urgent situation. A report of the injury should be filed as soon as possible. All reasonable treatment that is necessary to relieve or cure the injury are typically covered, including health care provider and facility fees, mileage to and from treatment locations and prescription costs.

In some cases, construction injuries can be significant enough that even with medical treatment, an individual may be temporarily or permanently disabled. If an injury results in a significant amount of time away from work, workers’ compensation could provide temporary disability payments. This is typically a portion of a worker’s average gross wages, which is initiated after a doctor confirms that party’s inability to work.

In case of a permanent disability because of a construction injury, an individual may be entitled to a monetary settlement based on the fact that they can no longer perform their work. Vocational rehabilitation might also be available in this scenario. Partial permanent effects might also result in monetary settlements based on limitations resulting from an injury.

In filing a workers’ compensation claim, an individual who is injured in a construction accident might want to work with a lawyer to ensure that all effects of a serious injury are addressed. Filing a claim without representation might provide for basic issues to be covered, but long-lasting problems such as the loss of range of motion might be neglected if the issue is not raised.

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