Ways to prevent injuries in motor vehicle accidents

Ways to prevent injuries in motor vehicle accidents

Ways to prevent injuries in motor vehicle accidents 150 150 Panter, Panter & Sampedro

As Florida residents may know, there are a variety of ways to reduce injuries when an individual is in a motor vehicle accident. Insisting that all occupants of a vehicle use the provided seat belts is an important way to lessen the injuries caused by vehicular impact.

Common motor vehicle accident injuries, such as back injuries, slipped discs, fractures or back sprains, may be prevented by the use of seat belts. In addition, neck injuries may be lessened by using seat belts with a neck restraint. This might assist in lessening the risk of suffering whiplash and could also protect against injuries to the spinal column discs.

To lessen injuries to the lower limbs, the occupants of a vehicle may be protected by keeping the lower extremities together. This offers greater safety than if an individual is sitting with his or her legs askew. Positioning the extremities haphazardly in an awkward area near interior surfaces may increase the risk of injury.

Brain injuries resulting from a motor vehicle accident may be significant and could range from concussions to serious traumatic brain injuries. According to a major highway safety institute, side and front airbags lessen the risk of brain injury.

Injuries to the head and face may be lessened if occupants of a motor vehicle are wearing seat belts. It is also recommended that an individual uses his or her arms to cover head and face areas in a crash. This action may serve to absorb a portion of the impact’s effect.

A car accident may result in significant injury despite taking precautions, and such injuries may cause varying degrees of financial difficulty due to medical care and lost wages. If the accident was caused by a negligent driver, an attorney may help an injured person by reviewing accident reports and filing a personal injury suit.

Source: Cars Direct, “Most Common Preventable Injuries that Happen in a Car Crash“, December 26, 2014

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