Man files suit over wife’s death on cruise ship

Man files suit over wife’s death on cruise ship

Man files suit over wife’s death on cruise ship 150 150 Panter, Panter & Sampedro

In April, 2013 a woman collapsed aboard the Carnival Conquest cruise ship and subsequently died of cardiac arrest after being admitted to a Florida hospital. The woman’s husband recently filed a petition claiming that cruise ship’s crew members delayed calling for medical attention and failed to provide care in a timely manner.

After she collapsed, her husband claims that members delayed providing medical attention to his wife. She was later taken to the medical center on board where she was revived by a nurse. However, due to oxygen deprivation, she suffered brain damage and died 16 days after being admitted to the hospital. According to the husband, the ship did not have adequate medical equipment on board nor was there a physician on duty at the time. He also claimed that the crew members were not adequately trained to handle the medical emergency.

In court, the judge found that the cruise line was under no obligation to provide medical care for its passenger nor was it its duty to have medical equipment on the ship. However, the judge did say that Carnival might be liable for failing to seek appropriate medical attention right away. The husband subsequently filed a claim for punitive damages.

In this situation, there was a clear distinction made by the court between the obligation to actually provide medical care and the failure to secure medical care in a timely manner. When a cruise ship accident or death occurs, a petition may be filed in court for compensation. In order to get the best and most accurate information and guidance in a situation such as this, it might be advisable to employ an attorney for representation.

Source: Courthouse News Service, “Carnival Must Defend Passenger-Death Claim“, Iulia Filip, November 07, 2014

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