Circular saw injures construction worker in Florida

Circular saw injures construction worker in Florida

Circular saw injures construction worker in Florida 150 150 Panter, Panter & Sampedro

On the morning of Sept. 10, a worker for the R. A. Scott Construction Company crew was injured while working on a construction project in Flagler County. The crew was working on a hole in Palm Coast Parkway Northwest, just west of Boulder Rock Drive. A 34-year-old employee from Daytona Beach was cutting a large metal pipe with a circular saw when he was injured.

When the saw cut through the pipe, it was pinched by the two halves and buckled. According to the supervisor, the man let go of the saw immediately after the blade became stuck. The saw broke loose, shooting into the air and striking the worker in the face, according to witnesses’ accounts in the Flagler County Sheriff’s report. Both the Occupational Safety and Health Administration and the Flagler County Sheriff’s Office Investigative Services Division were informed about the accident.

The injured worker was transported to the hospital. He had a laceration on his right cheek and demonstrated amnesia about the event, repeatedly asking his co-workers what had happened. Hospital workers were concerned that the might have had a head injury. He is currently resting at home after being released from the hospital, according to a company representative.

The representative for the company that was overseeing the project said that all proper safety precautions were in place and that safety is their priority. Despite precautions to keep job sites safe for workers, constructions workers are often injured in construction accidents. Someone who is injured on the job may have an opportunity to file a workers’ compensation claim for benefits to cover medical expenses and loss of income. An injured worker may want to consult with an attorney for advice on the matter.

SourceFlagler Live, “34-Year-Old Worker Injured on Palm Coast Parkway 6-Laning Project as Circular Saw Jumps“, September 11, 2014

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