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Vehicle crashes through Miami storefront

Vehicle crashes through Miami storefront

Vehicle crashes through Miami storefront 150 150 Panter, Panter & Sampedro

A Miami storefront was the scene of a single-car accident that injured four people after a vehicle crashed through the front of a building. Reports indicate that those injured are expected to recover, and there is no word on the filing of any charges related to the collision.

On June 30, witnesses who were near an insurance business located in a shopping center on 8th St. were startled when they heard a large crash, followed by screams coming from within the building. One nearby onlooker described the crash as sounding like thunder. A driver who was parked in front of the business had mistaken the brake pedal for the accelerator on his truck, and drove directly into the storefront. Inside, four occupants of the building were injured in the collision. Emergency crews arrived and took two of those injured persons to the hospital for further treatment, including one child who may have had a broken bone. .

While responding to the accident, a Miami-Dade police officer was involved in a separate crash. He and another driver were also taken to the hospital, though both are reportedly in stable condition. A neighbor of the insurance business says that this is not the first time that a vehicle has crashed into that particular building.

It is unknown whether charges will be filed in connection with the incident. In car accident situations where a distracted or negligent driver causes injury to others, that driver may be liable for any personal injury damages. This can include medical expenses, pain and suffering, and lost wages from time spent recovering. An attorney may be able to help file the lawsuit to recover this compensation.

Source: CBS Miami, “Four People Hurt After Car Crashes Into Business“, Maggie Newland, June 30, 2014

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