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Florida motorcycle accident leaves 2 dead

Florida motorcycle accident leaves 2 dead

Florida motorcycle accident leaves 2 dead 150 150 Panter, Panter & Sampedro

When a motorcyclist is involved in an accident, he or she is lucky to survive. A large percentage of motorcycle crashes result in fatalities because motorcycles are small and offer very little protection compared to a passenger vehicle. Unfortunately, this was the case when a recent Florida motorcycle accident left two motorcycle riders dead.

The fatal crash occurred at an intersection in Pompano Beach on the evening of March 3. An SUV turned west into the path of the motorcycle. The male motorcycle driver and his female passenger were both struck and killed. The driver of the SUV suffered no injuries.

It is unknown how and why the SUV and motorcycle collided, but this incident shows that it’s important to be fully aware of oncoming traffic at all times. Motorcycles can be difficult — but not impossible — to see if a motorist takes the time and effort to focus on the task at hand. Driving is an action that requires a high level of concentration and skill.

It seems as though a failure to yield on the part of the SUV could have caused the accident. Alcohol and distractions can also lead to accidents. If the driver of the SUV is considered to be the negligent party, he or she could be cited. He or she could also be sued by the families of the victims for causing the wrongful deaths of two people.

Compensation from a lawsuit won’t bring a loved one back, but it can help the family pay for expenses related to the accident and subsequent death and allow loved ones to begin to move on.

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