Dog bite by bull mastiff injures 1 boy, kills another

Dog bite by bull mastiff injures 1 boy, kills another

Dog bite by bull mastiff injures 1 boy, kills another 150 150 Panter, Panter & Sampedro

Many Florida residents don’t expect to be attacked by a dog as they are walking down the street. Two teen boys didn’t expect that either, but after a neighborhood bull mastiff escaped from a yard, the boys ended up being the dog’s victims. One boy died from dog bite injuries, while the other was bitten on the hand.

The dog, which had bitten others in the neighborhood in the past, was destroyed. It is unknown how it escaped from its fenced yard. It was tested for diseases, but the results are not yet available.

The March 1 animal attack happened as the two 13-year-old boys were walking down a street in a New Jersey neighborhood. The boys tried to run away from the bull mastiff, but both were bitten. One boy was declared missing until he was found dead near the dog’s home. Exactly how he died is unknown. A neighbor found the other boy bleeding from his hand. He was treated at a local hospital.

Although no criminal charges have been filed against the dog owner yet, the victims’ families likely will file personal injury and wrongful death claims against the owner. The dog had bitten before and it was a known threat to the neighborhood. Not even a fence could keep the dog away from others, as it was still able to escape. Now one boy is dead and one is injured due to the owner’s negligence.

The families of the boys could receive compensation for the damages they suffered, since the dog owner was liable. Damages could include medical bills, funeral expenses, and pain and suffering.

Source: CBS New York, “One 13-Year-Old Boy Dead, One Hurt, After Dog Attack In Paterson, N.J.” No author given, Mar. 01, 2014

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