Couple files medical malpractice suit after unnecessary surgeries

Couple files medical malpractice suit after unnecessary surgeries

Couple files medical malpractice suit after unnecessary surgeries 150 150 Panter, Panter & Sampedro

When Florida residents suffer a serious injury, they may opt for surgery to help manage the pain. They do not expect to come out of surgery with a worsened medical condition. That is what a woman is allegedly facing after she agreed to not one, but two surgeries to ease her foot pain. The woman believes the surgeries were unnecessary, and she is now left with unbearable pain. She is now suing the doctor and hospital involved for medical malpractice.

The woman and her husband, who filed the lawsuit on Jan. 17, are seeking various financial damages, including medical expenses, lost wages, decreased earning capacity, attorney fees, court costs, interest and punitive damages. The lawsuit is also seeking emotional damages such as pain and suffering, disfigurement, impairment, emotional distress and embarrassment.

The woman was involved in a workplace accident in December 2011 when her left foot was run over by a cart. The woman sought medical attention nearly a month later. The doctor advised that the woman undergo surgery. The surgery was a failure, as the pain continued. A second surgery was performed, but it did not help either. The woman now lives with permanent pain.

Sometimes doctors make mistakes, just like all humans. However, the doctor in this case was given not one, but two opportunities to help the patient feel better. Instead, he made the situation worse. After the first unsuccessful surgery, he could have taken the time to order more tests or perform a more thorough evaluation to increase the possibility of success the second time. Instead, the woman now suffers from severe pain and may continue to do so for the rest of her life.

Source:  The West Virginia Record, “Logan hospital, doctor named in malpractice suit” Melody Dareing, Feb. 12, 2014

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