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Car accident involves school bus, kills two children

Car accident involves school bus, kills two children

Car accident involves school bus, kills two children 150 150 Panter, Panter & Sampedro

When a small passenger car is hit by a vehicle that is much larger in size – such as a school bus – the results are often catastrophic. Such was the case on Aug. 31 when two girls – ages 11 and 7 – were killed after a school bus hit their car.

The car accident occurred when the bus was traveling westbound near State Route 417 just outside Sanford. A car was traveling eastbound and turned left in front of the bus. The bus could not slow down in time and hit the vehicle’s passenger side.

The two girls – who were passengers in the car – died from their injuries. The driver of the car is expected to recover from her serious injuries. All three people in the car were from Deltona, Florida.

Nobody on the bus was hurt. The bus had three students on board at the time of the accident. They were from Eugene Gregory Memorial Youth Academy, located in the Seminole County School District.

Which vehicle driver is liable in this case? There are several things to consider. Did the driver of the car turn right in front of the bus? Was the bus speeding? Did the driver of the car underestimate how fast the bus was going? Did the bus driver have enough time to slow down and avoid the accident? Florida Highway Patrol will need to determine if the accident was caused by the failure to follow traffic laws.

Those who are involved in a car crash and suffer serious injuries may want to seek legal help. Financial recovery is often available to help pay for medical expenses. For serious injuries that require surgeries, rehabilitation, disability and long-term medical care, medical bills can top six figures. Filing a personal injury lawsuit can keep victims from going bankrupt or losing everything they own.

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